We came across David and Try Toys Direct on Twitter, just before the holidays.  David actually gave us a call and we spent about 30 minutes discussing the small business experience.  We also had a very interesting discussion on being a small business in the adult industry.  Now, please do not judge and we know this post may spark some controversy.  But what really resonated with us is that Try Toys Direct is living the small business dream.  They are fighting to establish themselves against the “big guys” in the adult toy industry.  Everyone can learn from David and his experience of getting a small business off the ground  while striving to be classy, mature and discreet in an industry that is not really known for any of those characteristics is really helpful and informative.

1. Tell us about Try Toys Direct and who you focus on serving?

Try Toys Direct is the premier adult playground where quality and discretion matters. Our mission is to provide a safe and sexy place for people to shop for adult sex toys that will enhance their sexual experience. They can shop knowing that our products were preselected for their comfort and various tastes. Although we do sell many products to single people, we designed our site to be warm and inviting in hopes that couples will feel comfortable shopping together within our store.

2. How did you get your started selling online?
We started selling on-line about three years ago when we opened up our first eBay store. From there we expanded to other auctions sites and eventually to our own website. We choose eBay as a starting point for two reasons:

A. It has a steady stream of shoppers.

B. It afforded us an opportunity to create our branding (Try Toys Direct) and assisted us with becoming an established on-line seller (reputation and recognition). 

3. What are you focusing on for 2010?

In 2010 Try Toys Direct will continue to focus first on customer satisfaction and then expansion. We list them in this order because it is extremely important to have satisfied customers in order to expand. About 30% of our sales come from repeat customers and those whom have been referred by our customers. Lastly, we will focus on growing our product line while keeping cost down for our customers.

4. If you had 2 lessons learned from your business that you could pass on to others about selling on line, what are those?

A. Research, Commitment and Patience. Know your product, know your customers and stay focused. This has been the backbone of our growth. As a small business we have learned that it is important to keep learning. We have also learned that it is very necessary to continue developing your business plan.

B. It is important as a small business to keep overhead down. There are a lot of free resources to help build and promote you business. Take advantage of them. One good source for creating back links to you site is to utilize free on line classifieds. When you first open a website, tons of companies will contact you offering to build you the stars. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

5. As 2009 just closed, what do you see as 2 new trends in your business for 2010?

A. More and more couples are utilizing adult toys to enhance their intimacy.

B. People are becoming more liberal in discussing their preferences.

6. If your business/store could be any movie or movie character, what movie/movie character would it be and why?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This movie depicts a couple who is in love and shares the same interest in their profession “but”, because they failed to communicate and kept their jobs a secret from each other, it almost destroyed their marriage. The point being, in our business we see people who want more in their sex lives but often fail to express their likes and dislikes with their partner. This often leads to dissatisfaction in a relationship. People should be able to feel comfortable expressing themselves to their partner and respecting each others boundaries.

7. If Try Toys Direct could have a dream spokesperson for your company who would it be and why?

Marilyn Monroe because she was both sexy and smart!

8. How do the folks at Try Toys Direct let loose after a busy day working?

I can’t speak for everyone but I let loose by going home and enjoying my family. My greatest satisfaction in life is spending quality time with those I love.

9. Do you have any parting thoughts for our readers and the small business community?

We would tell others, “don’t believe the hype”. You hear all these good stories about people getting rich quick on the Internet. It has probably happened for some, but for most, you will have as much chance of getting rich quick as you do of being drafted by the NFL or hitting the lottery. On line selling is like any other business, you only get out, what you put in. Do not become discouraged, building a business takes a lot of hard work and time. We have been selling on the internet about three years and have found it to be hard, challenging and rewarding. I do not know who wrote this but my favorite quote that inspires me is: “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams”.

Also please swing by our new Try Toys Direct blog that we launched.

On behalf of www.TryToysDirect.com I would like to thank the folks at KikScore for this interview and acknowledge Mr Rajeev Malik from KikScore for working with us for the interview. We at Try Toys Direct wish you and the KikScore team much success and growth in your business.

We would love your thoughts on the interview.


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